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Sugar Tits and Taco Del Mar


Oh, how the tables have turned. You can call me Charlie, and I’ve been given the opportunity to do a little role reversal and quiz our lovely author on matters of the heart – she became my victim instead of me hers- cue villainous laughter- I showed up to Sugar Tits office with a bag of Taco del Mar armed with two wet burritos. Sugar tits had her usual veggie burrito smothered in both enchilada sauce and queso. HOT. I had the same, but with some chicken. She immediately warned me that even with the door closed people could hear everything, so we began to talk shit in a heavy whisper. Sugar tits busted open her take-out and admired her burrito for a good thirty seconds, as she always does, before crushing it in about 17 bites. God, she’s amazing. We got into it so hot and heavy we forgot to take pictures and silence swarmed the room. I figured we’d get the grub out of the way so that none of my questions were answered out of hanger. Continue reading “Sugar Tits and Taco Del Mar”

BBKF and Fiesta Loca


Boo Boo part deux! Surprisingly, Cosmo was pretty tame this month. Not as many slightly offensive questions, which is a small win, I guess, for womankind. Pulling questions from the May edition with ScarJo on the cover. Here we go! Continue reading “BBKF and Fiesta Loca”

Sheniqua and Mucho Burrito


Sheniqua is in the house this week! Sheniqua and I both have issues with anxiety. Mine mostly stems from social anxiety, as well as stress. I get stressed fairly easily, and have to find outlets to reduce this stress, such as exercising, painting, or writing. Sheniqua has GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder. She says that everything and anything can effect her. GAD is constant daily worrying, including money, work, relationships and more. So when something bigger happens with a person diagnosed with GAD, like losing a job or a relative getting sick, this can spark anxiety attacks, making it hard to perform simple tasks. I think it’s important to talk about mental health issues, and understand that we are all human, and sometimes underlying factors can affect the way we respond to certain situations. Continue reading “Sheniqua and Mucho Burrito”

Selene and El Santo


Welcome to post seven y’all. This post features parenting again, but from a different perspective. I interviewed my friend Selene, who runs not one, but two businesses, while managing a family of three. She’s a real power woman, and inspirational to people like me, who can’t even get up to select yes when my Netflix asks “are you still watching?”. Effin’ Netflix, so judgmental. Anyways! Selene and I met a couple years back, and I like to Facebook stalk her because she always has something cool happening (or stalk her cat on Instagram, who has a ridiculous amount of followers). Continue reading “Selene and El Santo”

Akira and Viva Mexico

Post # 6. #yumyumtime at Viva Mexico in #Langley. #pregnancy talk and food galore!

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Belly blog! This week I interviewed one of my favourite friends, Akira. Akira and I met when we both used to be servers at a Greek restaurant years ago. Since then, Akira has married, and is currently ready to release baby number three from her womb. Akira is the best because she is my only friend that will watch my shitty, nonsensical movies with me on a regular basis. She’s also that friend that you can just sit with for hours, and not say much, just chill and relax. The focus of this post is pregnancy, which is no surprise, but is an interesting topic to me. I hope to never experience it, but am super curious about it nonetheless. Continue reading “Akira and Viva Mexico”

BBKF and Bandidas Taqueria


For a little fun, I’ve decided to do a part one of many with my boyfriend, sir Boo Boo Kitty Fuck (BBFK). I was going to do one of my regular interviews with him, but I felt like my questions would just be for my own selfish reasons, so we’re gonna mix it up a little. This was part my idea and part his (we’re an amazing team y’all, don’t hate), but I’m going to take ridiculous questions from Cosmo magazine each month, and grill my lover for answers. I think this will be part awesome and part disastrous, but ALL fun! Don’t worry though folks, there will still always be a Mexican review. Always ~creepy whisper~. Continue reading “BBKF and Bandidas Taqueria”

Jerome and La Casita


La Casita this week! I looove La Casita. But enough about that, the review will be at the end of this post 😉 . This week I interviewed Jerome, who is a colleague of mine, and my favourite work buddy. We met three and a half years ago, on my first day of work. The office was playing a harmless “first day” prank on me, and having social anxiety, I wasn’t handling it well. He waited until we were alone and told me what was happening, and I was forever grateful. There’s only a few humans that I’ve trusted immediately, and he is one of them. Jerome is the first married with kids interviewee to grace my blog. He’s been with his wife for over ten years, married for eight, and has a couple cute kids. Continue reading “Jerome and La Casita”

Charlie and Cielito Lindo


Welcome to my third post everybody! Exciting times! My latest interview was with a girlfriend of mine, Charlie, who is 26 and in her (soon-to-be) third long distance relationship. Her boyfriend leaves next week to go back home, something they haven’t experienced yet since they got together. Charlie and I have been friends for over three years, and it was one of those instant friendships, where we recognized each other as cool, and did a quick nod and arm-link.

Charlie makes for an interesting interviewee, as she has a degree in Psychology, and wants to go back to do an MA in Counselling Psychology, with her thesis around sex therapy and sexology. Continue reading “Charlie and Cielito Lindo”

Lola and Taqueria Jalisco


In this post, I interviewed one of my great life-long friends, whom has named herself Lola. I told her she could pick her name, and I respect her choice. Very artsy. Lola has been married for three years and they have no children, so she brings a totally different perspective than Bo Bo, my previous victim. We’ve been friends since grade two, when I probably asked her if she’d be my friend if I gave her five bucks, which I had been known to do at that age. Continue reading “Lola and Taqueria Jalisco”

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