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Jerome and Bandidas part two


This interview was janky af, let me tell you. Jerome was running late and had car troubles, so he was a bit flustered. My anxiety has been a bitch lately, and I couldn’t even articulate a question properly (which were written down). I think that’s good though. I think when conversations happen in tough moments, a little more truth seeps out, and harder realizations happen. Not that anything ground-breaking really happened, but I ended up enjoying our topics more than I thought, especially after the conversation flowed more from my script to fluid thoughts. Continue reading “Jerome and Bandidas part two”

Jerome and La Casita


La Casita this week! I looove La Casita. But enough about that, the review will be at the end of this post 😉 . This week I interviewed Jerome, who is a colleague of mine, and my favourite work buddy. We met three and a half years ago, on my first day of work. The office was playing a harmless “first day” prank on me, and having social anxiety, I wasn’t handling it well. He waited until we were alone and told me what was happening, and I was forever grateful. There’s only a few humans that I’ve trusted immediately, and he is one of them. Jerome is the first married with kids interviewee to grace my blog. He’s been with his wife for over ten years, married for eight, and has a couple cute kids. Continue reading “Jerome and La Casita”

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