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BBKF and La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop


Last week my lover and I went to Victoria, BC for a little weekend getaway. Guess what the first thing we did was? Hunted down the Mexican eats. We ended up at La Taqueria, which was awesome, and I’ll get to that at the bottom of this post. The interview is our third Cosmo magazine Q&A, and there wasn’t that many questions to pull from this month, so I mostly went to the guy expert page, where girls with problems can ask a guy anything. As well, I did my usual rapid fire questions at the beginning. BBKF was unimpressed with the questions this round, so this interview was short and not so sweet.  Continue reading “BBKF and La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop”

BBKF and Fiesta Loca


Boo Boo part deux! Surprisingly, Cosmo was pretty tame this month. Not as many slightly offensive questions, which is a small win, I guess, for womankind. Pulling questions from the May edition with ScarJo on the cover. Here we go! Continue reading “BBKF and Fiesta Loca”

BBKF and Bandidas Taqueria


For a little fun, I’ve decided to do a part one of many with my boyfriend, sir Boo Boo Kitty Fuck (BBFK). I was going to do one of my regular interviews with him, but I felt like my questions would just be for my own selfish reasons, so we’re gonna mix it up a little. This was part my idea and part his (we’re an amazing team y’all, don’t hate), but I’m going to take ridiculous questions from Cosmo magazine each month, and grill my lover for answers. I think this will be part awesome and part disastrous, but ALL fun! Don’t worry though folks, there will still always be a Mexican review. Always ~creepy whisper~. Continue reading “BBKF and Bandidas Taqueria”

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