No interview this week. Just some random thoughts. Out of the blue last week, my mother asked me about dating sites, how they work and how I ended up meeting BBKF. I found this question to be a little surprising, as she hasn’t really shown much of an interest in the past. Maybe she finally read my blog 😉

I gave her the rundown and then out of curiosity asked her what she would do if she suddenly found herself single again. Then I followed that question up quickly with “would you go online?”. She vehemently said no and shook her head. She said that she’s been married to my father for almost forty years, and that she has too much baggage and history with one person to want to start again. She said that she’d find a girlfriend who she was compatible with, and live and travel with that person. This way she’d have companionship without worrying about having to build a life with someone, and dealing with merging finances and children/grandchildren from previous marriages.

Fair enough Mom! Apparently she thought this through. After hearing my mother’s response on this, I asked her to interview for a blog post, which she was fine with, but then the weather turned to shit and it got cancelled due to being snowed in. However, her response still got me thinking. Does one ever get too old to date? If you’ve had a successful, long-term marriage, is there a desire for anything else if you find yourself single again? I have one friend whose parents split up after around thirty years of marriage, and her mother started dating online, and had a few relationships from it. She also wasn’t very happy in her marriage for a long time, and was probably excited at the idea of finding something new. I guess every person’s situation is different, my Mom’s response just seemed so definite to her, that it caught me off guard a bit. Hopefully we’ll get our interview up on the blog soon.


Bo Bo and I went to check out the new digs of Viva Mexico in Langley. I’ve reviewed Viva Mexico previously on the blog, but they just moved locations to pretty much next door, where Choo Choo’s used to live on the one way street on Fraser Highway. While it was good for them to get a bigger location because Viva Mexico is pretty busy, I was sad to see Choo Choo’s close down. That place was the best for comfort food, and the train that constantly rode near the ceiling was nostalgic for me.

The biggest issue I’ve always had with Viva Mexico is the service. Their food is delicious, but you pretty much have to book the evening off if you wanted to go there for dinner. Definitely don’t make any plans to go to the movies after because the service is consistently slow and you probably won’t make it. So you can see my concern with a new, bigger location. More tables needing service.

Well, the service was still pretty slow, but they had new servers in this time, and it wasn’t as painful as usual. Our food did come pretty fast and our orders were taken within a decent timeframe. The only time we had to wait for quite a bit was at the end when the feasting had ceased. Other than that, the food was still amazing, and worth the wait, which is why I keep going back. I got my usual veggie burrito, and then I order the second burrito for an extra $4 or whatever it is, because that’s a screaming good deal and I get lunch the next day. They also did a good job on the decor, and the place looked festive and fun on the inside and out.

Overall ratings:

Service: 2.5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 4.5/5

Ambience: 5/5