Last week my lover and I went to Victoria, BC for a little weekend getaway. Guess what the first thing we did was? Hunted down the Mexican eats. We ended up at La Taqueria, which was awesome, and I’ll get to that at the bottom of this post. The interview is our third Cosmo magazine Q&A, and there wasn’t that many questions to pull from this month, so I mostly went to the guy expert page, where girls with problems can ask a guy anything. As well, I did my usual rapid fire questions at the beginning. BBKF was unimpressed with the questions this round, so this interview was short and not so sweet. 

Me: Favourite summer anthem?

BBKF: One of the Chili Peppers songs from Stadium Arcadium. Reminds me of grade 12, driving around in the summer. It came out that year.

Me: What’s your go to cocktail?

BBKF: Rum and coke! Cuba libre.

Me: Your biggest shopping weakness is?

BBKF: Candy and any sales.

Me: I feel sexiest when….?

BBKF: I’m with my girlfriend.

Me: My guy is great in bed, but an awful kisser. I always want to skip it and go straight to sex, but he’s starting to notice. How do I tell him?

BBKF: Communication. Just be open. Say it. Say it like it is. You’re not going to get hurt feelings if he wants to get better at it.

Me: My fiance has been making wedding planning decisions, like allowing plus ones, without asking me. I know there’s a lot to do, but I want to be involved since it’s our day. How do I get him to involve me in everything without a fight?

BBKF: Communication. He probably doesn’t even realize what he’s doing.

Me: I started seeing an adorable guy, I’m extremely attracted to him and we can’t stop laughing when we are together. We had sex for the first time and he’s not so well-endowed. I don’t care, but he’s insecure about it and it affected our chemistry. How do I boost his confidence and convince him it doesn’t matter?

BBKF: Just keep at it. If you just keep at it, he’s going to realize that it’s not that big of a deal. He’ll stop thinking about it.

Me: The girl I’ve been hooking up with for a couple of months is moving three hours away. She says she wants to make it official and the distance is no problem, but we’d be starting a relationship long distance. Is this a terrible idea?

BBKF: Three hours isn’t that far. I don’t think that’s a bad idea. If you’re going across country, and you have no plans to meet each other, then that’s going to be a strain. Three hours is very doable. It’s like an hour and a half, meet in the middle.

Me: What happens if you have to poop at a guy’s house? If I hold it I feel bloated and achy, and I don’t want to have sex. Do I just tell him?

BBKF: I say just make a joke about it. No one’s going to hold it against you. There’s no sense being uncomfortable, and I’m sure he’s done much worse in the bathroom than you’ll ever do.


BBKF and I were hunting through Victoria looking for a Mexican place the boyfriend had found on his phone, when we stumbled across La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop. It looked so inviting that we decided to just stop there instead. We ordered a quick bite, as it was in the middle of lunch and dinner, but we had been walking a fair bit and were hungry. We shared the two meat and two veggie tacos for $9.50 (so good), and a margarita each. They had one vegetarian option, and three vegan options, which was very cool. I ordered the frijoles charros and the calabacitas. They were both amazing, but I think I preferred the frijoles charros, which was refried cowboy beans with queso fresco. Boyfriend got the carnitas and the al pastor. He said they were “muy satisfactorily” (lolwut) and loaded with flavour, but he wished they were more than two bites each. He also said that the margaritas were super refreshing, and a perfect break from walking around. The spicy/salty rim made it stand out above others he’s had in the past.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5