Tinder is the discussion this week! My adorable friend Fiorella Loretta (FL) is currently in a successful relationship that started from Tinder. I’ve only met a couple people that have found success on Tinder, and she’s my only girlfriend who has, so I was really interested in hearing more, as I never ventured onto Tinder myself. FL and I met a couple years ago through a mutual friend, and whenever we get together we like to gush about boys like silly schoolgirls, so she was pretty easy to interview, as it came pretty natural to us. 

Me: Are you into facial hair?

FL: Yes and No. I like nice facial hair. I don’t like it when it’s too long, because I don’t like when it prickles me. I have sensitive skin! It leaves a red rash.

Me: Do you like first dates?

FL: I hate first dates. Second dates are always better. When I was dating, if I didn’t like the person on the first date, I always went on a second date. Unless they were creepy or whatever. But you get nervous, right? And I get super awkward when I’m nervous, so second dates are good, as it’s less weird.

Me: Yeah, I was the same way. As long as I didn’t get a creepy vibe from them, and they weren’t douchey, I’d go on a second date as well. You can’t always tell from a first impression.

FL: Yeah, totally.

Me: Do you want kids?

FL: Yes! I would like two kids. I’ve always wanted kids. I thought I’d have kids already by now.

Me: Which dating sites did you try out?

FL: I did POF, I did Tinder…and I think that’s it actually. I would not go on any that I had to pay for. I was not going to pay to meet someone, and go on dates with them. Not gonna happen.

Me: How did you feel about POF? I really didn’t like it.

FL: I disliked it strongly. People are creepier. You’d think that Tinder, out of the two, would be creepier, because everyone just wants to go out and get some, but I felt it was the opposite way around. And anybody can message you on POF. It’s not a match type thing. On Tinder, you both have to swipe right in order to have a conversation. There was a lot of guys I didn’t want to talk to on POF, and then they start to get mean when you don’t respond.

Me: Yeah, I experienced that too.

FL: Yeah, so Tinder is way better. And if you don’t like someone after you match with them on Tinder, you can un-match them so they can’t contact you again.

Me: Oh, that’s really cool. So what did you like best about Tinder?

FL: The creepers couldn’t creep. You just put up a short couple sentences if you wanted, and in order to learn about them, you’d have to go out with them or have a conversation, so it was harder to lie, I guess. I liked Tinder. I’d tell people to go on it, for sure.

Me: So if you found yourself single again, would you go back to online dating?

FL: I think I would get cats.

Me: <laughs and nods> I think I was almost at that point too, before I met BBKF.

FL: I think even if you meet someone through a friend, it’s the same as if you would meet someone online. It’s still someone you don’t know. Your friend hasn’t dated that person, so they don’t really know what they are like as a partner.

Me: Is this your first relationship from online dating?

FL: No, I dated one other guy from POF. He turned into a crazy stalker.

Me: How quickly do you take your profile down after you start seeing someone?

FL: I think with my boyfriend now, it was about a month after.


FL and I went to Little Ass Burrito Bar in White Rock, which is located on the strip on East Beach. It’s kind of like a more intimate feeling Taco Del Mar. I got the veggie burrito, and FL got the chicken burrito. They also have the Mexican beverages, so I got a “Mexican Coke” (made with sugar cane) and FL got a Mango Jarritos. The burritos were huge, and for the two drinks, two sides of guacamole and two burritos, the total came to $33, which is reasonable, and about on-par with other quick-service style joints. What I loved about LABB was that they had SO many options of fillings for the burritos, and at least five different sauces. The service was also really good, and the guy helping us was very patient as I drooled over all the choices (from my mouth and possibly other areas. I’m sorry, Mom). If you’ve read some of my previous blog posts, you’ll know sauce is important to me. The only downfall of this visit was that about 3/4 of the way through my burrito, I got a hard jalapeno stem in my burrito. This is like getting a chicken bone for meat eaters. The texture kind of grossed me out (I have a weird texture thing, and I gag easily, because I’m a weak human), and I was already getting full anyways, so I quit there. I will say though, that the guacamole was amazing.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 4/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5