Sheniqua is in the house this week! Sheniqua and I both have issues with anxiety. Mine mostly stems from social anxiety, as well as stress. I get stressed fairly easily, and have to find outlets to reduce this stress, such as exercising, painting, or writing. Sheniqua has GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder. She says that everything and anything can effect her. GAD is constant daily worrying, including money, work, relationships and more. So when something bigger happens with a person diagnosed with GAD, like losing a job or a relative getting sick, this can spark anxiety attacks, making it hard to perform simple tasks. I think it’s important to talk about mental health issues, and understand that we are all human, and sometimes underlying factors can affect the way we respond to certain situations.

Me: Are you religious?

Sheniqua: Nope.

Me: Would you date someone that was?

Sheniqua: Yeah, I guess. People need something to believe in. Religion is good in that sense, that it gives people hope. I’m perfectly comfortable with knowing that nothing is going to happen after I die.

Me: Would you consider yourself open-minded?

Sheniqua: Fairly.

Me: Kissing with eyes open?

Sheniqua: No, that’s creepy.

Me: Do you feel like your anxiety affects your relationships? Not just with your significant other, but family, friends, etc.?

Sheniqua: Oh yeah, it does. It’s gotten better over the years, but it’s that constant worrying about everything, because you can’t control that. Especially when I’m already overly anxious during the day, and then I get kind of snippy. My least favourite thing is when you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack and someone tells you to calm down.

Me: What do you do to combat or try and control your anxiety?

Sheniqua: I’ll start by doing something menial. I’ll go wash the dishes, and just focus on the soap and the bubbles. Usually counting, and trying to take deep breaths. The small things help the most, like when you can actually just focus on something. It takes your mind at least half off it, but it’s still a big struggle, obviously.

Me: Does your boyfriend know to do anything, or not do anything, when it’s clear you are struggling?

Sheniqua: When I’m going through an anxiety episode, he gets really concerned, that’s his thing. He’ll ask me if I’m okay, and I don’t want to talk about it. Sometimes there’s that, but most of the time it’s pretty good, and he just knows to leave me alone and be as supportive as he can.

Me: Do you find with social anxiety, that you have a hard time with intimacy, or allowing someone to get close to you?

Sheniqua: I don’t attach myself to friends, at all. That’s something that my boyfriend and I talk about all the time too, because he doesn’t really understand why I don’t do that. People are very good with opening up to me, but friends that I’ve had for years and years basically don’t know anything about me really. Anything of actual value, which makes it tough, and I know I have to work on that.


Mucho Burrito in Langley! I had only walked into this place once before, noted that they did not have refried beans, and immediately turned on my heel and left. After many months of internal deliberation, I came to the conclusion that this was unfair. Never judge a burrito by its beans. Turns out Mucho Burrito is muy bueno. I got the veggie burrito, that COMES WITH guacamole. There were four different sizes on the menu board. I didn’t want to risk not feeling full after, like what happened at the Red Burrito (previous post), so I got the second largest size. Holy Hannah it was huge. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was very fresh tasting, had enough sauce for my liking, and the service was very quick. Sheniqua got the chicken burrito, one size smaller, and said it was very filling. I’ll probably do that next time, as I couldn’t quite finish mine. For a fast food type joint, the restaurant was very nice as well, with lots of seating, and very clean.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5