Post # 6. #yumyumtime at Viva Mexico in #Langley. #pregnancy talk and food galore!

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Belly blog! This week I interviewed one of my favourite friends, Akira. Akira and I met when we both used to be servers at a Greek restaurant years ago. Since then, Akira has married, and is currently ready to release baby number three from her womb. Akira is the best because she is my only friend that will watch my shitty, nonsensical movies with me on a regular basis. She’s also that friend that you can just sit with for hours, and not say much, just chill and relax. The focus of this post is pregnancy, which is no surprise, but is an interesting topic to me. I hope to never experience it, but am super curious about it nonetheless.

Me: Analingus?

Akira: No! What do they call it, a rusty trombone? No.

Me: If you and your husband were stranded on a deserted island and he died, would you eat his body?

Akira: Yes. I would cook it. Like, hopefully. I feel like I would find a way. I could build a solar oven. I saw it on Curious George.

Me: <Laughing> Sounds super complex. Are you guys going to have any more kids after this one?

Akira: I don’t think so. If we had a ton of money, maybe I’d have another one. I’m not opposed to it, I just think it’s really impractical for us.

Me: Who would you rather? Charlie Day or Charlie Kelly?

Akira: Charlie Day. To be honest, I’d bone either of them, but I think Charlie Day because he’s less gross. I assume he’s less gross? He might be pretty gross. But I like that.

Me: What are the most awkward questions or interactions you’ve had while pregnant?

Akira: People touching my belly. It’s gross and happens all the time. The most awkward question was someone asked me what sex position I was in when the baby was conceived. How would I know that? I could say missionary if that was the only way I ever had sex, but otherwise….

Me: How does your sex life change after you get pregnant?

Akira: I think it depends on the baby. Like with a girl, you have so much more estrogen, and with a boy you have more testosterone, so that changes the way your body is and the way you view your body. I think I was much hornier throughout my pregnancy when I had my girls. This time (she’s having a boy), I had a six or eight week window where I was pretty randy, and then I was like fuck off.

Me: Do you think the frequency stayed the same then, or decreased?

Akira: When I was pregnant with the girls, we probably had more sex than we would when I wasn’t pregnant. I think this time, probably not as much. It’s hard to say because my kids are so close together. And having kids around are boner killers.

Me: How do you keep balance between having a life and raising a family?

Akira: Working helps. Having time out of the house, away from the family, with nothing to do with my husband or whatever is good. Making time to hang out with friends. I still feel like it’s not super balanced? I feel like having kids and a husband has swallowed my whole life.

Me: I wonder at what age that feeling will start letting up?

Akira: I would assume, once they are not just with you all day, all the time. When they are in school maybe, and they are old enough to go to a sleepover or something, and I can shift that responsibility off for a bit. Like now, I feel like if the kids have a sleepover at their grandparent’s house or something, and we go out in the evening and do whatever, and then go out for brunch in the morning….for some reason, if I can have brunch, I feel like my life makes sense. Now I can handle all their shit.


This week we went to Viva Mexico in Langley. Viva Mexico has been one of my favourites for years. The food comes in huge portions, the drinks are big and delicious, and the ambience is really cool. I’ve even gone there a few times and they’ve had live music. Their only issue is the service. The waiters are nice and polite, but they are super slow. I only go here for dinner if I have nothing planned after, and I’m fine with sitting around, talking with a friend for a couple hours. That being said, the food is amazing, and definitely worth the wait. For this visit, Akira and I shared the mozza sticks to start, which comes with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. So delicious. I then had the veggie enchiladas, which was a different choice for me, as I usually get the veggie burrito. The enchiladas were very good, and I was shocked that I ate the whole meal, as I usually have to take half to go. Akira had the burrito and chiles rellenos combo, which I recommended to her, as it is amazing, and is big enough to make for a full meal the next day. They also put free chips and salsa on the table when you first get there, and the chips are homemade and so good. The salsa is how I like it, kind of pureed, instead of big chunks.

Overall ratings:

Service: 2/5

Value: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5