For a little fun, I’ve decided to do a part one of many with my boyfriend, sir Boo Boo Kitty Fuck (BBFK). I was going to do one of my regular interviews with him, but I felt like my questions would just be for my own selfish reasons, so we’re gonna mix it up a little. This was part my idea and part his (we’re an amazing team y’all, don’t hate), but I’m going to take ridiculous questions from Cosmo magazine each month, and grill my lover for answers. I think this will be part awesome and part disastrous, but ALL fun! Don’t worry though folks, there will still always be a Mexican review. Always ~creepy whisper~.

These were actual questions from Cosmo, and are completely ridiculous. I’ve never really read a Cosmo, but it’s the exact same as the YM magazine I used to read as a teen, with a lot more sex thrown in.

Me: Wanna french?

BBKF: Yes.

Me: Are you planning a define-the-relationship talk with your guy?


Me: Can a shampoo really change your hair?


Me: Are you totally over mindless treadmills?

BBKF: Yes.

Me: Is giving up sleep for sex a good idea?

BBKF: Yes.

Me: This is a question asked to Ivanka Trump. A lot of women feel like they’re frauds at work or really don’t know what they’re doing. How can we manage those insecurities?

BBKF: Stop reading Cosmo.

Me: What does life look like during your period?

BBKF: Uuuumm. An angry shade of rouge. <laughs>

Me: Is that during yours or mine?

BBKF: Hahahaha. I dunno! Hypersensitive.

Me: You are going home with a new guy to sleep over. What if he lives in a freezing basement with an illegal ferret named Scratchy?

BBKF: Gonna have to use more blankets! Cuddle down.

Me: What about Scratchy?

BBKF: I thought you liked ferrets <laughing>. Is it caged or free-range? I’d get the fuck outta there.

Me: How much do your jiggly bits affect your ability to enjoy sex?

BBKF: Not at all. They enhance it.

Me: What if your guy wanted to be a stay-at-home husband?

BBKF: That sounds awesome. I’d get to bake bread everyday, stream sports, listen to music…I’d make all the dinners. I’d love that. I don’t have enough time for that. I’d stay home all day, every day.

Me: What’s the most flattering filter to send a nude selfie?

BBKF: I don’t know what the filters are..uh…I’d say au naturel.


Bandidas Taqueria is great because not only is the food really good, it’s all vegetarian! Sooo many choices for peeps like me. Another big plus with Bandidas is that they just announced that they will be open 24 hours a day, starting this Spring. This makes it an excellent late-night option, that’s definitely healthier than drive-thru’s. One thing to mention about Bandidas before I start the review is that it’s a bit more gourmet than a lot of other Mexican places (in my opinion), so I wouldn’t go there looking for traditional dishes.

I’ve been to Bandidas once before and had an assortment of tacos, which I really loved, but my boyfriend had the Baked Burrito and said I had to try it. So that’s what I had this time around. If you peruse their menu, they give six different options for burrito fillings, which gets me super excited. This time I had the Baked Burrito with goat cheese, and picked the Bobcat filling. Lover tits had the Baked Burrito with the Stella filling. The Baked Burrito is realllly good, and I think the goat cheese was a good choice. I have to admit that I prefer my Mexican food (and any food for that matter) to be covered in sauce, or have as many condiments to go along with it as possible. That being said, I did still really enjoy this. I ordered a side of guacamole to go along with it, which was probably my second favourite guac I’ve ever had (first being Cielito Lindo’s), but the guac portion was a little smaller than I like, and it didn’t make it to the end of the burrito. At least now I know for next time, to get EXTRA extra guac. BBKF really liked his burrito, and funny side story, he was a little tipsy when we got there because we went to an event beforehand that had free drinks, and I was the DD, so he was loading up. When I went to take my white girl food photos, he thought he’d be funny and flip the camera off, and burnt his finger on the burrito plate. Instant karma.

Small disclaimer: They put an orange hot sauce/salsa on the table that looks delicious. Watch out, it’ll burn your fucking face off. In a good way.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Quality: 4.5/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5