La Casita this week! I looove La Casita. But enough about that, the review will be at the end of this post 😉 . This week I interviewed Jerome, who is a colleague of mine, and my favourite work buddy. We met three and a half years ago, on my first day of work. The office was playing a harmless “first day” prank on me, and having social anxiety, I wasn’t handling it well. He waited until we were alone and told me what was happening, and I was forever grateful. There’s only a few humans that I’ve trusted immediately, and he is one of them. Jerome is the first married with kids interviewee to grace my blog. He’s been with his wife for over ten years, married for eight, and has a couple cute kids.

Me: Have you ever sent a dick pic?

Jerome: No. It seems there’s a delicate balance in managing blood flow.

Me: Received one?

Jerome: No

Me: Have you ever ghosted someone?

Jerome: Yes

Me: Do you think Hilary Swank is hot?

Jerome: Yes

Me: What made you want to have kids?

Jerome: I’ve always wanted to be a dad and make good humans. The world needs more good people.

Me: What’s the biggest change to your life that you’ve noticed since having your first kid? Second kid?

Jerome: A lack of sleep and a mortality obsession. I worry about dying and leaving them all the time now.  The second one just increased both.

Me: Do you think it’s important to have “you” time in a relationship?

Jerome: Yes, definitely. I’d go crazy if I didn’t have sports as a stress release.

Me: What are you ultimately seeking out of life? Do you think it’s changed a lot in the past ten years?

Jerome: As cliché as it sounds, mostly happiness. And in the last ten years, I’m finding more of it in making others happy.

Me: What age for your children are you most looking forward to?

Jerome: Double digits so we can travel together to cool places and they’ll remember the experiences.

Me: Do you think happiness in a marriage is easily achievable, or is it something you have to work at?

Jerome: It depends on the people and their chemistry. If you are both independent, you can bring and make your own happiness. If you have major dependences or insecurities, it will always be a bit unstable.


If I haven’t mentioned this enough yet, I love La Casita. The food is delicious, there’s a decent amount of vegetarian options, and they have really good specials. Jerome and I are both vegetarians, so mexican has always been a really viable option for both of us. Jerome had the bean burrito, which he claims was delicious. He also had the cranberry soda, which he stated was on point. Exact quote: “Good juice to soda ratio!”. I had the flautas and tortilla soup combo, which is oh so good. The flautas have potato inside, and feta and sour cream on the outside. Such a good mix, and only $11 for the combo. Definitely filling.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5