Welcome to my third post everybody! Exciting times! My latest interview was with a girlfriend of mine, Charlie, who is 26 and in her (soon-to-be) third long distance relationship. Her boyfriend leaves next week to go back home, something they haven’t experienced yet since they got together. Charlie and I have been friends for over three years, and it was one of those instant friendships, where we recognized each other as cool, and did a quick nod and arm-link.

Charlie makes for an interesting interviewee, as she has a degree in Psychology, and wants to go back to do an MA in Counselling Psychology, with her thesis around sex therapy and sexology.

Me: Do you internet lurk?

Charlie: Moderately

Me: Do you stay friends with exes on Facebook?

Charlie: Yes.

Me: Phone sex?

Charlie: Able.

Me: Mile high club member?

Charlie: Yessss.

Me: What made you want to go to school and potentially have a career in sex therapy?

Charlie: Other than the fact that it’s the most interesting topic we have as human beings – a very close second to that would be space and deep sea exploration –

Me: <Bursts out laughing>

Charlie: <Giggling> Counselling has always been a passion, and I learned later in life that I made people feel comfortable. Being that it’s such a touchy, taboo subject I felt like I could really make leaps and bounds with people, and kind of draw it out of them.

Me: So how do you see yourself helping people? Providing advice, or moderating and listening?

Charlie: Demos. Always just demos. <more giggling> Like, I’ve done this, have you done that? Ultimately I want to create a comfortable environment for people to open up, and then offer them tools, resources and constructive feedback.

Me: Do you think that in a relationship that is compatible on all levels except physical, that they should try and work through or move on?

Charlie: That’s a really hard question because sexuality is really broad. If neither of the partners are very sexual, then they’re going to have an amazing relationship. If one of the partners is highly sexual and the other one isn’t, then it’s probably dead in the water. There can be an effort there, but the thing with sexuality is that it’s one of the few basic instincts that we act on every single day, so if you don’t have that basic instinct with a person, in my opinion, I think it might be dead.

Me: In the Bumble app, you can now switch to BFF mode to find new friends. So if you were to switch to this mode, you’d be shown a bunch of girls that also want someone to hang out with. Is this something you would try?

Charlie: Oh! That’s awesome! Girls are so fucking judgmental of other women, so if you find a girl that you like the look of, and see parts of yourself in, pursue that bitch!

Me: Do you have any tips for other people in long distance relationships?

Charlie: My advice would be do not talk to your human every single day. Don’t. Because it just becomes benign, drawn out conversation. You want to have something exciting to tell your partner. Couples that work, when they are together, have days when they don’t say a single thing to each other, but just touching each other is enough. So when you have nothing to say to your partner, or nothing to bring to the table, just don’t. Send a tit pic and call it a day.


Cielito Lindo’s is in my top three. Their meals are cheap, the portions are just right, and the food comes to the table crazy fast. This night was no exception. We started out with lime margaritas on the rocks, and chips with salsa and guacamole. The margaritas are five dollars, and are at least two ounces of liquor. Cielito Lindo’s guacamole is the best around. Seriously. I’ve never been able to find better (or make better). I got the veggie enchiladas, and Charlie got the pork burrito. Perfect amount of sauce, lots of refried beans (which I love), and everything tastes fresh.

Charlie’s review: This is one of my favorite restaurants because it is so fucking affordable and the food is delicious…and that margarita…I’m fully drunk.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5