In my first post, I interviewed a good friend of mine, whom I shall call Bo Bo (protection thing, yada yada). He is a 30 year old dude, who is currently in a fairly new, long distance relationship. We met on in December 2014, and went on a couple dates before we decided to just stay friends. Yes, I friend-zoned him, but at that time I wasn’t into having a full-blown relationship and I didn’t want to waste his time. However, we have a wondrous friendship, with daily meme-sharing and random show binge-watching. We also frequent many Mexican joints together, so I feel like he is a great first choice for my site.

As we met online, and we both have experience with dating apps, I decided to focus mostly on that as the theme of this interview. I opened up the interview with a few rapid-fire, yes or no questions and then went from there:

Me: Would you try pegging?

Bo Bo: Yes, cause why not.

Me: Do you want kids?

Bo Bo: No.

Me: Would you date a girl who lives at home still?

Bo Bo: Yes!

Me: Worst online message or interaction?

Bo Bo: In my profile, it always read “don’t want kids”, “don’t have kids”, “don’t want anything to do with kids”, and like, constantly got messages from these women who are, as terrible as it sounds to say, morbidly obese with four kids and their profiles say they want more kids. They’d be messaging me and hitting on me, and I’m just like, Jesus Christ people.

Me: Out of your online experience, which dating site did you favor the most?

Bo Bo: Oddly enough, OKCupid, even though it got me nothing. I met a girl on Match, I met a girl on eHarmony, and I met a girl on Plenty of Fish. I never met a girl on OKCupid, but it’s probably my favorite because it’s free and not a complete joke like Plenty of Fish was.

Me: When you were online dating, were there any filters you applied when searching?

Bo Bo: Yeah, no kids. And usually an age filter, like my age, give or take five years. No smoking. And no asians. I personally just don’t find them attractive.

Me: What would you consider a red flag in a profile? Mine was shirtless dudes. No shirt, no message.

Bo Bo: If every picture of them was partying and drinking and stuff like that. Though the exception is camping and drinking, because come on.

Me: Any advice or takeaways you’d like to pass along?

Bo Bo: Keep in mind a few things. It’s just a tool to meet people, it’s never a guaranteed thing. The ratio of men to women is stupidly messed up, so chances are you’re not being ignored, your message just got buried and you were unlucky. Don’t take it too seriously because being ignored a hundred times can feel awful, but you lose nothing by trying.


The Red Burrito has a few locations, but we ended up at the Robson one. This was my first time in any Red Burrito, and I was super excited. I ordered a vegetarian burrito, and Bo Bo ordered the chicken burrito. This place has a few seats inside and simple decor, but it’s more of a take-out style idea. The first thing I liked about it was that the vegetarian option came with pan fried onions and peppers, instead of just adding in extra rice and beans like some places. The second thing I liked was the service. It was fast and easy, and I had a hot, steamy burrito in my hands in minutes. The menu is pretty limited though, they only accepted cash or credit (I’m guessing this is to keep costs down) and the portion size was a little smaller than what I’m typically used to. Bo Bo and I both agreed that even though the food was delicious, we were both a little hungry after our burritos. They do offer a number of sides to add on, however, which we did not do, but next time probably will. The cost was pretty decent, coming to about $25 for two burritos and two bottles of water, and of course guacamole on mine, which was extra. Overall, I’d recommend it for a quick, delicious bite.

Overall ratings:

Service: 5/5

Value: 4.5/5

Quality: 5/5

Menu: 3/5

Ambience: 3.5/5