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Mother Unit and Patron Tacos & Cantina


I finally got my Mom on the blog. I did this actual interview about a month ago, but got a little busy and it got pushed to the back burner. However, since the interview BBKF and I got engaged, and for my own curiosity more than anything, I wanted to revisit what we had talked about. My parents have been married for almost forty years, which seems extremely daunting to me. It’s a nice idea in theory, but more and more it seems like something only very few can handle. Continue reading “Mother Unit and Patron Tacos & Cantina”

Just Me and Viva Mexico

No interview this week. Just some random thoughts. Out of the blue last week, my mother asked me about dating sites, how they work and how I ended up meeting BBKF. I found this question to be a little surprising, as she hasn’t really shown much of an interest in the past. Maybe she finally read my blog ūüėČ

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Taco Bae and Tacoholic


Taco Baaeeeeee! Out of all of the names my interviewees have chosen for themselves, this one is probably my favourite so far. Taco Bae was in town on business, visiting from another province, and the timing worked out perfectly for a Mexican sit n chow down. Taco Bae (I’d usually shorten it to TB for efficiency, but since that stands for Tuberculosis, I decided against it) is a smart dude, who a couple years back developed a video dating app that was a mix between chat roulette and Tinder, for people who wanted to talk face to face before meeting face to face. He got pretty far with it, but unfortunately it didn’t take off. Obviously, I wanted to know all about it, so I sat his ass down and bought him some tacos.

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Veronica and Ay Chihuahua


Sorry friendos. I’ve been gone awhile. Life got a little hectic, which I will talk about in a separate post. This interview was done back in September with a fun friend of mine that I wish I saw more. She lives the life that she wants, and it works out for her quite well, which I’m a little jelly about. Veronica is married to her husband of — years and has kids, and she also dates women on the side that she meets online (which her husband is aware of). I ended up having a lot of questions for her, that just flowed after each answer was received. This interview also went pretty long, so I might break it up into two parts. Continue reading “Veronica and Ay Chihuahua”

Jerome and Bandidas part two


This interview was janky af, let me tell you. Jerome was running late and had car troubles, so he was a bit flustered. My anxiety has been a bitch lately, and I couldn’t even articulate a question properly (which were written down). I think that’s good though. I think when conversations happen in tough moments, a little more truth seeps out, and harder realizations happen. Not that anything ground-breaking really happened, but I ended up enjoying our topics more than I thought, especially after the conversation flowed more from my script to fluid thoughts. Continue reading “Jerome and Bandidas part two”

Bo Bo part deux and Mazatl√°n Mexican Restaurant


Bo Bo part deux! For this post we traveled into the dark, sweltering hole that is Aldergrove to try a Mexican joint that had amazing reviews online. Bo Bo was my first blog post, so I felt it was time to catch up, and see how everything is working out in his life. His long distance relationship is still going strong, so I figured it was time to take a look into what works and what doesn’t, since I have no experience with long distance anything, really.¬† Continue reading “Bo Bo part deux and Mazatl√°n Mexican Restaurant”

BBKF and La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop


Last week my lover and I went to Victoria, BC for a little weekend getaway. Guess what the first thing we did was? Hunted down the Mexican eats. We ended up at La Taqueria, which was awesome, and I’ll get to that at the bottom of this post. The interview is our third Cosmo magazine Q&A, and there wasn’t that many questions to pull from this month, so I mostly went to the guy expert page, where girls with problems can ask a guy anything. As well, I did my usual rapid fire questions at the beginning. BBKF was unimpressed with the questions this round, so this interview was short and not so sweet.¬† Continue reading “BBKF and La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop”

Fiorella Loretta and Little Ass Burrito Bar


Tinder is the discussion this week! My adorable friend Fiorella Loretta (FL) is currently in a successful relationship that started from Tinder. I’ve only met a couple people that have found success on Tinder, and she’s my only girlfriend who has, so I was really interested in hearing more, as I never ventured onto Tinder myself. FL and I met a couple years ago through a mutual friend, and whenever we get together we like to gush about boys like silly schoolgirls, so she was pretty easy to interview, as¬†it came pretty natural to us.¬† Continue reading “Fiorella Loretta and Little Ass Burrito Bar”

Rubert and Tacofino Commissary


Hello Mexican aficionados! This week I interviewed my first single person (weirdly enough, single people seem opposed to doing my blog, even though it’s anonymous). This particular single person is a good buddy of my Boo Boo Kitty Fuck (BBKF). He’s a tall, attractive, smart dude who is looking for his wonder woman. He’s also super complex, which made him a lot of fun to interview. Most of my interviews last about 10-12 minutes in length (I record them as audio). This one lasted TWO hours. I have enough content from Rubert, not pronounced in a french way, strictly sounding like a high quality rubber, to last for a couple parts at least. We went to Tacofino Commissary on Hastings, and got a little tipsy on their Sangria ($20 for a huge pitcher on Saturdays, hit it up). I apologize in advance, but this blog post is going to be a bit longer than usual. Even the rapid fire questions got really in-depth. Actually, I don’t even care, as it’s my blog, so I can do what I want, and this was probably my favourite interview.¬† Continue reading “Rubert and Tacofino Commissary”

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